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Downed Riders Association

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Downed Riders Association  - Doing for the riders that have gone down; to help them get back up and going. 


This organization was thought of when a friend of ours went down on his motorcycle.  This friend was on a limited income, and had bills piling up. So a group of us got together and put on a benefit run for him.  Others liked the idea, and we then had a second request for another benefit run for another downed rider in a very similar situation.  Next thing we knew, people were asking for applications to join.  So off we went to meet with the attorneys and formed Downed Riders Association.  While we hope and pray you never need us, we are there to step up for those who do.  Ride Safe!

Please meet our team below. We look forward to working with you!





Robert Allen, CEO


Wilson Rose, VP

Secretary: Shanon Nafus 

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